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We are a home based worm farm in Thailand. We supply worms for the purpose of composting, fishing baits, soil improvement and supporting worm business owners.

We supply these worm specie:

- African Night Crawler (Eudrilus Eugeniae)


Dear Customers,

 I could not post lived worms anymore, because of recent Post office rules in 2014,
which did not allow people sending lived animals via post.

Instead, I could only post worm cocoons including bedding to customers.
A worm cocoon takes one to three weeks to hatch. There will be extra worm cocoons for free to you as well as with every order I send.

Newly hatched worms can adjust well to a new environment.
I have tested hatching cocoons many times, and it is successful. Almost all customers hatched worms cocoons, except very few who did not get temperature of worm bedding quite right. African Night crawlers normally live in bedding which has temperature between 20 - 30 degree Celsius.

One African night crawler cocoon can hatch about two worms.

Cost of worm cocoons is 3 baht per each cocoon. This already includes posting fees. A minimum order is 170 cocoons for a special price of 500 baht.

However, If you want to buy lived worms, they could be picked up at my farm only, which is about one hour drive west of Bangkok.


For any other questions, please contact me.

email: wormcompost@gmail.com
mobile phone: 087-929-6589